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Bvlly – Knock You Down ft. Mack Dizzle & HelloCinco

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Mack Dizzle & HelloCinco join Bvlly on an emotional song “Knock you Down”

On 30.4.2021. 6ixbuzztv, Mack Dizzle & HelloCinco dropped a music video for the song “ Knock you Down”. In the music video, a picture of the deceased Bvlly can be seen, representing their last farewell to the young Toronto rapper.

The title of the song is interesting because it suggests something aggressive, however, the song is very emotional and easy-going.  The flow is really chill but the lyrics hit harder than it could be expected from the trio.

The song is about a hard-working, single mom that will do everything for their kids, which is a really different theme compared to the usual rapper’s points. The music video follows the storyline of the song, making it a perfect fit.

All, in all it is a real refreshment for today’s rap scene.

How did Bvlly die?

Even though almost two years have passed the Bvlly is still being mourned by many.

The Toronto rapper was shot on Christmas morning 2019 outside an Oshawa home. The 24-year-old rapper was found with multiple shot wounds just months after the release of his first album “ Made in Austria”.

His fans are hoping that this is not the last post-humous song that they will release, because his music should be put out in the world.

He was a rising star, and his songs were on their way to becoming major hits.

If you want to check out the new video by the interesting trio check the video above:

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Quotable lyrics:
“ She working double shifts, trying to get a cheque out,

baby on the way, so she doing check-ups,

her baby daddy ain’t there,

he doesn’t even check her,

but he got a heart for ransom 

like he Lil Tecca”