Pressa – Attachments ft. Coi Leray


On 30.4. 2021 Pressa and Coi Leray drop an icy remix of the song “Attachments.”

The remix comes a little bit unexpected because the original song was a hit itself, but it is nothing but a big bop.

The flow switches smoothly, and the beat is out of this world. 

Pressa starts the song smoothly, spitting some both cool and real raps. The controversial female rapper joins him in the middle of the song, and her raps add a whole other dimension to the song.

The song was cool initially, but a female perception to the whole story makes it even better.

The song’s lyrics talk about fake love, fake friends, and the problems of being rich and famous. There are still no talks about an upcoming music video for the remix, but it probably depends on the track’s success.


Brittany Collins, known to the public as Coi Leray, is an American rapper and songwriter.

She quickly rose to fame when her single “No More Parties” entered Billboard’s Hot 100.

It was so big that the rapper Lil Durk hopped on the remix soon after hearing about it.

She still hasn’t released an album, but there are talks that her debut album is set to be released in May this year.

If you want to check out this female & male rap remix of the song, check out the video above on this page:

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Quotable lyrics:

“Let’s go 

Fuck boys they make me sick

Gucci gone match his fit 

Everyday bitch we lit 

Gon get it how you live 

Watch us all get rich 

Make these haters sick 

They won’t believe it “