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Mozzy – Open Arms

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Mozzy drops out a new official video for a song Open Arms

Open Arms is the title of Mozzy’s new song. The official video premiere for this song was on July 14, 2022, and in a few days, this song was viewed by over 1.6 million people. The song delighted the audience, which is why the number of views is increasing daily. The audience reacted the most to the beautiful visual content. The song is on Mozzy’s official YouTube channel.

The rapper made exciting video content to hold your attention from the first seconds. Filming scenes from real life and portraying one family, we also see many more scenes and real life that fit perfectly with this simple emotional text.

The text of the song is Mozzy’s honest story that the audience understands. This beautiful text is accompanied by very gentle and beautiful music in the background. In addition to light chords in a slow tempo with chillout music elements, we can enjoy Mozzy’s beautiful voice. With Mozzy’s voice, the female part of the backing vocals, who sings a soulful melody with a light rhythm, perfectly fit in. A fun part of the song is when Mozzy’s part is briefly interrupted by female backing vocals.

If you watch a nice relaxing video and listen to light music, then the song Open Arms is right for your playlist.

The song Open Arms became famous as a sound on TikTok, so you can see a lot of video content made with this famous sound these days.

Mozzy works a lot on his projects and always delights the audience with some new songs. Immediately after releasing the song Open Arms, he released his new album, Survivor’s Guilt. There are 10 great songs on this album. So far, they singled out the songs Not The Same and Murder On My Mind, which has the highest number of views. We expect new visuals for some of the songs from the new album Mozzy released.

As this rapper never ceases to surprise the audience, he also released another visual in addition to the album. The song If You Love Me was watched by over 1.6 million people in a few days.

The rapper promoted all his new projects on his Instagram profile and left links to songs for his followers. He received a lot of lovely and positive comments from his audience as well as from his fellow rappers. In addition to his music, you can see beautiful family photos on Mozzy’s profile. If you want to see more exciting content, follow Mozzy’s Instagram profile.

Click on the link below and watch the visual for the song Open Arms. Then, please write in the comments how you like the new song and whether you have listened to the songs from the new album. If you want to hear the whole new album of songs, you can find it on the rapper’s official YouTube channel.

Read part of the lyrics of Open Arms below:

No judgement
You took me in with open arms
With open arms
Oh, no judgement
You took me in with open arms
With open arms