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Who Is The Toronto Rapper Moula 1st?

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Who Is Moula 1st?

Toronto is home to many rappers, but not all of them can do what Moula 1st can. He is one of Toronto’s well-known rappers, performers, and producers.

His career started back in 2010 when he started releasing tracks online. Since his first appearance on the Toronto hip-hop music scene, he received great positive feedback and appreciation from the fans who just started to listening to his music.

Since then, Moula has been working on his music steadily and with much passion. Step by step, he had been releasing music with much caution, only getting better with time.

Not only that he thinks of his singles, but he also constantly works on collaborations with other Canadian rappers, such as Duvy, Pvrx, Pilla B., Osama, and others. Everyone who hears his tracks for the first time gets attached to the beat quite fast.

4 facts on Moula 1st

1. This well-known Toronto rapper was born in Rexdale, Ontario, Canada – one of the most violent neighborhoods in Toronto.

2. The song that put Moula’s name out in the public eye was the remix for the song “We in Da Hood.”

3. Although Moula has a YouTube channel, most of his work is premiering on the channel under the name “Revenge Academy.”

4. His real name is still not revealed, so he only goes by his stage name, Moula 1st.

Moula’s Music

His music is constantly great and never loses its flow, powerful beat, and meaningful lyrics. One of the latest tracks, “1 Billion,” is the right example of the bangers he’s been releasing since he started his career. 

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