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N.R.M.N. – District Five (Album)

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The Toronto artist N.R.M.N. dropped the album “District five” four days ago. The album has six songs, including “Light Speed“. It’s executively produced by both N.R.M.N. and BeatsByFelix, which is their second project together. Last year, he dropped his first song, “Light Speed,” and he has finally dropped the whole album.

He describes the album as a compilation of work that the listener can work, hustle, and grind. Aiming to put the city and its people on notice that we too have the sound and the talent to back, from beginning to end. With shared experiences and themes associated.

Every song on the album has its own vibe, and we love the cool punchlines and hidden messages he left for us. N.R.M.N. outdid himself on this album, he tried to be versatile and show everybody what he has got, and he definitely succeeded.

When you listen through the tracks, you can notice his intense flow, and the instrumental composition is just fine as hell. Norman is all about top quality, and this album doesn’t lack it at all. 

We had waited for some time for him to give us this gift, but we did not click the pause button once we got it. If you want to check out something different today, “District five” should be your top pick.

My personal favorite is “401 West” on this track; the rapper starts off the song rapping fast and killing the beat. One of the best bars on this track is: “Niggaz think they sick, oh, it’s Covid.” 

You can find the album on Spotify, Apple Music, and Youtube.

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  1. Western District ( Risks)
  2. 401 West
  3. Light Speed
  4. Run it Up
  5. Work
  6. Deez Ends