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Pak-Man drops out a new visual for a new song “Different”

Another dope visual has surfaced on GRM Daily’s official channel. Pac-Man premiered his new visual on June 30, 2022, and so far, this video has been viewed by over 173 thousand people. In a short time, the song became a big hit like other Pak-Man songs that we are used to until now.

Pak-Man’s visual for his last song is one of the higher quality ones with a lot of money invested in it. The luxurious scenes for the video were realized by filming a luxurious house on the beach where everything is burning from the greatest luxury. What Pac-Man has as the idea is to present to the audience and others what his life looks like through this visual.

Luxurious visuals, tracks and a lot of good vibes. From the beginning to the end of the song, Pak-Man blasted the rhymes hard without a break. In addition to the brutal text that tears, we can hear a hard sound in the background. The dark chords in the strings contribute to an even better picture of the text and the story of Pak-Man, how he got his money, and that he now definitely lives Differently from others.

There are more and more video reactions to the song on YouTube nowadays. Bloggers reacted positively to the hard lyrics, and all commented positively on the luxury edition of the house where the visual for the song Different was shot.

Pak-man’s music on the Spotify platform records a large number of streams. The song Different already has over 74 thousand streams in a few days. The most played Pak-Man song on this platform is Active, with over a million streams. The rapper can boast a large number of monthly listeners, almost 70 thousand.

Pac-Man has decided to shoot all his drops at high speed for the past month. A month ago, the artist released the visual for the song Ground Up, which approached the number of half a million views. After only one week from the publication of this song, a shot of two more tracks followed. In addition to the song Different, Pak-Man first released the visual for the song Life Is Real. All three Pak-man’s videos were posted on GRM Daily’s official YouTube channel.

A few days ago, the rapper boasted about his great success and wrote on his Instagram profile: Secured the Top 40!! 37 in the @officialcharts as an independent, no label backing, no management & no distribution deal!! I appreciate everyone who bought the mixtape S/O to my whole team who helped me turn my vision into a reality. His audience and other rappers congratulated him on his well-deserved success.

Pak-man publishes a lot of content on his Instagram profile related to his career, music, and the successes he achieved. That’s how he promoted the song Different, but also the other two that he released in the last month. Join his Instagram army of almost 70,000 followers, and keep up to date with this talented artist’s new successes and projects.

If you haven’t seen the new visual for the song Different, click on the link below. Write in the comments how you like the new Pak-man’s visual.