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HAZEY – Packs and Potions

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HAZEY releases a new visual for song Packs and Potions

The premiere of the video for the song Pack And Potions was on January 14, 2022. In just over half a year, since the song was released, the video has been viewed by over 10 million people. Hazey made a really big hit. The visual was released on his official YouTube channel. This song is surely one of the songs that you will listen to with enthusiasm. The first beats will attract you to listen to the song, while the masterful drill of this young rapper will leave you speechless.

Archie Erskine directed the video, Theo Hue Williams produced the video. HAZEY shot a visual on the street with his team and his dog. The assembled team examined his distinctive appearance. Namely, in all his appearances, Hazey wears a mask over his face, where only his eyes are visible. His partners with whom he was filming also had masks over their faces. The visual is a simple form where the entire focus is on the brilliant drill of this talented rapper.

From the first note when Hazey goes on the attack with the lyrics, all the way to the end of the song, he fires off rhymes to the beat without pause. Two minutes of his effective drill will leave you breathless, and you will definitely be playing the song on repeat. A light melody in the guitar with a fast repetitive rhythm easily fit into this concept text with a lot of words in a very fast tempo.

Shortly before releasing his first visual debut, the rapper released the official audio to which the audience reacted fantastically and got to know the song. Right after that, we could also enjoy the visual with these brutal lyrics.

The young artist recently presented himself to the audience, and it was very successful. As a big football fan, and proud Scouser, HAZEY shot his first visual outside Liverpool FC’s Anfield Stadium. Just in his song Packs and Potions.

HAZEY also received great support for his work and creativity from the great rapper ArrDee, who wishes him a great and successful career.

On the TikTok social network, this song has over 234,000 videos created. What is interesting is that many football videos have been made with this song in mind. Tik Tok is the platform where this young artist achieved great popularity and became a viral star.

HAZEY hides his identity on other social networks, not only in his music videos. On his Instagram profile, he regularly posts fantastic photos from various events and other private content. There are photos with football players, but in all the pictures the rapper’s face is hidden.

If you haven’t had a chicken, watch the song in the link below. Write in the comments how you like this video and his distinctive Liverpool accent.

Read part of the lyrics of this brutally good song below:

Gotta mix these packs and potions
No P’s ’til I put a SIM in a burner
I’m on the block like Werner, backroad lurker
Fully paid, bro, I’m an earner
I fly past, I’m a headtop turner