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Smiley – Moving Different




Smiley is back with a new track called “Moving different,” which he dropped on 4.6.2021.

The controversial rapper known to the public as Smiley has been really consistent this year with his releases.

The video is shot in a very interesting manner, showing the artist chilling with his crew in a beach house.

The flow is very much the artist’s unique sound, and the lyrics are the ones that make the song a banger. 

In the song, the rapper pays respect to his crew, saying, “I love all my guys I don’t see them different.”

Smiley is on the radar this year.

On 30.4.2021. Smiley released a cool video for “In my Zone” on his YouTube channel. The video has gained many views, and many commented that it was a new era for the artist.

However, Smiley introduced a new era for his music with the caption “Fresh Life” from the “Moving Different” set.

Both the title and the name of the song indicate a big difference; however, the comments so far praise the song as one of his usual bangers.

For the rest of 2021, he says he has many videos that need to be published, and obviously, “Moving different” was the first one he had planned to release.

There is no talk about a new album to wrap up this whole fresh start era, but maybe Smiley is planning to surprise his growing fandom.

Check out Smiley’s new music video for the song “Moving different” above on this page.

Leave a comment down below if you think Smiley owns this year.

Quotable lyrics:

“They said I love you, maybe do, they don’t mean none,

I got this model bi*ch, she fiending but can’t get none,

I need some perks, call your man if he can get some”