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DBx2 released a new visual for the song GOTHAM

DBx2 had his new premiere for the song GOTHAM. The premiere of the visual was on the 27th of June 2022, and the video is on the official O Fam YouTube channel. In just a few days, the visual was viewed by several thousand people, sending the rapper numerous comments of support for the new visual.

As always, the rapper collaborates with a fantastic team that always creates a great visual. Official material was directed, edited, and filmed by Anthony Larose. Mixed and mastering for the video was by Chuang.

DBx2 brought one dark and intense video. DBx2 and his team recorded the visual in a dark environment, where the focus was on the artist and his text presentation. What is striking is that DBx2 hid his identity and wore a mask that covered his entire face so that only the eyes were visible. Interestingly, he perfectly combined his old-school hip-hop style with an urban visual presentation.

The song is full of a hard sound and dark chords in the background. The song’s lyrics accompany the beat and DBx2’s strong rapping. The chords in the piano are also mixed in with the screaming that we can hear briefly at the ends of the phrase.

If you like a strong old-school sound, then the song Gotham is the right choice.

This talented perspective artist never ceases to delight the audience, so in addition to this brutally good song, he has done other good projects. In addition to his single songs, he made collaborations with other artists in the previous period. 2 years ago, he teamed up with R.A. and, with the same production team, released the visual for the song Winter Clothes. The visual for this song has almost 60 thousand views. Over 140,000 people have viewed this song during this time. Fat Bible did a drop with DBx2, New York to Canada a year ago.

Sick, Block Boys are just some of the names of fantastic projects on his list of collaborations with other rappers.

DBx2’s popularity is also growing on social networks. Gotham released the promotional material for the song when the visual was already released, left a link in the BIO, and invited his fans to watch the new visual. The rapper has over 7 thousand followers on his Instagram profile. The rapper regularly uploads new content on his profile to promote his music. Interestingly, he doesn’t reveal his visual identity on this platform, so a mask on all posts covers his face.

Follow his profile and enjoy his content.

Write how you like DBx2’s latest music project. See the visual; click on the link below. If you want to check out more of his music, visit the official O Fam page, where you can find more of his songs.