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Supreme Swiss – Make It Out

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Supreme Swiss Wants to Make It Out 

Supreme Swiss released Make It Out on March 12, 2021, and currently has over 26K views on YouTube. Supreme Swiss is a recording artist, songwriter, and producer from Toronto, Canada. He’s highly praised for his storytelling ability, through his music and videos, to establish awareness around important topics for the viewing audience. Supreme Swiss’ creativity is recognized through the lyrics and production of Make It Out, which shines a light on human envy and greed and the undesirable outcome of these emotions.    

Either They For You or I Swear They Jealous

The creative director for the music video is Zeena. Z, along with Supreme Swiss and Cjcrewlove as directors. They did a great job strategically creating a music video, shot in a short film style while aligning with the song’s lyrics. At the beginning of the music video, we see a series of clips with Supreme Swiss and his friend, highlighting their close relationship. These scenes show how the friend gained Supreme Swiss’ trust allowing him to put down his guard. However, this relationship takes a turn when the song’s lyrics say, “either they for you or I sware they jealous.” This line is used to transition into a fight scene between an armed robber and Supreme Swiss, resulting in the artist finding out that his own boy was robbing him. The fight scene implicitly captures the friend’s jealousy because he went to great lengths to orchestrate a robbery. At the end of this scene, the song picks up again while the scene cuts out to Supreme Swiss displaying emotions of betrayal and sorrow. Overall, this music video for Make It Out resembles a short film, which beautifully captures the feelings of each character while bringing the song’s lyrics to life. 

Supreme Swiss Make It Out

Supreme Swiss – Make It Out

Change in Perspective

While the music video depicts the nature of human envy and greed, the song’s lyrics tell the perspective of the receiving end of these emotions. For instance, when Supreme Swiss says, “I can’t get caught up in all that drama. I need a new crib for my mama,” he implies that they’re no need for hate when there are more significant stakes at cost. The song also expresses tremendous sorrow and hurt, especially when the artist says, “I thought you would of kept it real with me. I held it down, thought you were a friend to me. You try to bring an end to me.” This line captures how one person’s jealousy results in pain for the person on the receiving end, which reveals how nothing good can come out of hate. Despite the artist receiving hate from his boy, he shows his loyalty, which is apparent when he says, “when I was hungry, I was starving, I was down and out.” It goes to show that, despite one’s loyalties, feelings of envy and greed are inevitable. 

All in all, Make It Out is an emotional song that captures the human condition while being relatable to the street lifestyle. At the same time, the music video artistically captures the human condition to depict what greed can do to a person—making this single an eloquently curated art piece. Give Make It Out a listen by clicking the music video linked above and give Supreme Swiss a follow on Instagram to stay updated on his upcoming projects.