Puffy L’z – War Baby (Official Video)


After a break from music, the Toronto rapper Puffy L’z makes a fresh start with a music video for “War Baby”.

The music video was shot in a winter atmosphere, contrasting the summery songs being put out now. It has reached over 50k views, which is not bad for a somewhat come back song.

Puffy threw some dope rhymes while rapping about his growing up in the hood. He says, “eighteen bussing shots off them benches”, implying that it wasn’t easy for him.

“War Baby” is directed by Andrew Hammond, and the cool visuals go with the flow of the song perfectly.

The rapper is best known for his hits “Propa” and “Pull Up”, which both have around 2million views on YouTube. They were published four years ago, and Puffy hopes that he can continue where he left off. 

New music from Puffy is coming.

At the beginning of the song, the rapper says “Ahwoolay”, a teaser for his newest collaboration. The new collab will be nothing but fire since Puffy joined Smoke Dawg and Young Smoke on it.

Fans are looking forward to this collaboration, thinking that people sleep too much on Puffy, and he needs to be heard.

This collaboration may be essential to his career, so don’t forget to check it out.

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Quotable lyrics:

“Pull up, Regent (Let’s get it), shots (Grrrt), leakin’ (Bah)

Savage boomin’ with that Drake, sneakin’ (Huh)

Ooh, tease him, ah, leave him

I got handle all these chickens, season (Add a little bit)

Run up, Von Miller, defence (Pull up).”