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Why G, The Toronto Rapper From Jane & Finch

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Nickname: Why G / El Neato

Name: Not known

Place of birth: Toronto, Canada

The Driftwood rapper Why G started making music when he was young, but after a legal setback, he rose to fame with his song “Gamble” in 2018.

The music video for “Gamble” has more than two million views so far, and it is his most successful song.

He is signed to Blue Feather Records, and he has released many singles since “Gamble”.

His collaboration with Top5 called “Heard of me” was first on YouTube’s trending list.

In 2020. He released two albums, “CoronaVirus” with five songs and “Killer By Myself”.

The first album has features from J Neat and Supawassi, while the second one has 13 solo tracks. Why G said that “ Killer By Myself” explains his moods and his personality and that he is more of a lone wolf.

In 2021 he released another album called “ Cronem” with six songs.

Tallup Twin, Pressa and Burna Bandz are all featured on the album, but “Bogus” and “Screen” are the most successful tracks.

He released a music video for “Screen” featuring Tallup Twin, and the visuals are amazing.

Why G mentioned that he would drop “Not” after this collaboration and commented that a mixtape is on the way. Why G is just starting to grind, and he will blow up soon for sure.

Why G is one of the best rappers in the game when it comes to strong verses and dope bars, and he never misses to catch a cool beat.

He is also one of the most followed Toronto rappers on all platforms.

If you don’t follow him on his IG page, here is a link below:

Check out the music video for “Screen” below on this page.

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