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Sleepy Hallow – Scrub

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On 7.7.2021. Sleepy Hallow dropped a 2000s style music video for “Scrub” that got us feeling nostalgic.

The song is from his newest album, “Still Sleepy?” released on 2.6.2021.

The title of the album may suggest the fact that people are still sleeping on his music.

In the music video for “Scrub,” the rapper is dressed in old-school style, with 20-year-old TVs.

Today’s generations maybe do not know the 2000s vibe, but they will hear about Sleepy Hallow for sure because he has been grinding hard with his new songs.

The rapper proved that he rocks party songs, love songs, hustle songs, you just name it.

The track has an easy flow, with the rapper expressing his experience with a woman with icy lyrics like “She want Insta fame, we just trynna get richer.”

“Scrub” is maybe not the most popular song on the album, but the music video may get a little more attention.

“Still Sleepy” the album.

An album with only one collaboration ( Tip Toe) has proved once again that this rapper is ready to shine.

The album has 14 songs, which all have mad beats and fun lyrics that will get you hooked quickly.

The most popular songs on the album are “1999” and “Tip Toe” with Sheff G.

Check out Sleepy Hallow’s new music video for “Scrub” above on this page.

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Quotable lyrics:

“Look, she like, “When you finna pull up on me, hit it off”

She said she want some Fendi, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton

Her man mad, said he tryna get it on

I got a choppa on me, don’t get hit up for a broad”