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City Boy Reeko – They Wanna Meet Us ft. CTB Bino

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City Boy Reeko & CTB Bino “They Wanna Meet Us” music video is an excellent musical journey of two rising stars.

These two young artists made a great collaboration, and in February this year, they released a video for the song They Wanna Meet Us. The song is on the official City Boy Reeko’s YouTube channel.

The great thing about this video is that you can feel the good energy of these two young artists. They individually evaluate their careers but have decided to make this video together.

The video is well designed, with several different stories shot in different shots. At the beginning of the video, the pole dance is shown at a house party. Along with the dimmed lights and the slightly harder sound of the music, the song takes on a dark atmosphere. The audience was especially delighted by playing in the bar and the attractive dance of this beautiful girl performed in the video.

They received many positive and support comments on this video, such as that the City Boy’s reign doesn’t fly up. Many fans and admirers found themselves in the song, so they quoted the song’s verses in the comments.

After such good reactions to this song, everyone expects that this is just the beginning of their cooperation and that there will be some more songs in the future.

These two rising young artists found their way to the audience through this song, as the audience says with this difficult emotion that rules this song. The refrain has a slightly calmer sound, so it is easier to remember than the whole song and enters the ears faster. For most of the video, the artists relax and enjoy the dance of a girl dancing in a bar. They paid attention to their appearance, especially for this video of an attractive urban outfit combination. The outfit is especially important because CTB Bino deals with wardrobe design itself.

The news for CTB Bino’s Instagram profile is not only about music; you can see the link in his biography and go directly to the website that sells urban clothing designed by this young artist. In this way, CTB Bino merged music and fashion, which is always at the forefront next to music in the world of rap music.

City Boy Reeko has also listened to a lot on the Spotify platform, where there are several of his songs. On his Instagram profile, you can look at the link in his bio and listen directly to his songs on this platform. Additionally, if you follow him on his official YouTube channel, you will be up to date with numerous news and new videos that come out often.

If you want to be up to date with everything that these two artists create, be sure to follow them on their Instagram profiles, but also on other platforms on which they are active. Enjoy their joint track, They Wanna Meet Us, until you get something new from these rappers.