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LB Spiffy – CHROME

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The video for CHROME by LB Spiffy is out now!

To the great delight of LB Spiffy fans, he posted his new video on his official YouTube channel, CHROME. The song came out 10 days ago, and YouTube views are rising.

Fans and audiences leave new positive comments daily on the song that will soon become a big hit, as well as previous songs published by this young rapper.

This fantastic video is a blend of great production and excellent graphics. LB Spiffy shooting the video for the song in a business space. He showed the song’s lyrics through a video and showed what business life looks like for him. The graphics show the money and the phone match with the verses of more money, more calls. The great thing is that part of the lyrics of the song are on the computer screens that the rapper is surrounded by in the video. All of this conveys that picture of the hectic lifestyle that LB Spiffy talks about in the song.

The CHROME chorus is so good that you will immediately remember and sing all day long.

Another character appears in the video for the song CHROME, but the main focus is on the rapper. He chose a perfect outfit for the video and jewellery with his initials. The video is directed by MyNameFrench.

This young rapper is very active on his Instagram profile, where you can follow his numerous posts not only about the music he makes but also about some exciting things from life that he shares with his audience. When Lb Spiffy posted the song on YouTube, he announced it to his followers on Instagram. In addition, he told the great news that delighted fans, which is that there will be more new music all summer. Fans are especially thrilled that LB Spiffy has also released pictures from the video recording for the song CHROME.

Others recognized the quality of his music, so his music got used for the montage videos of NBA gameplay. It’s an excellent success for LB Spiffy. Ever since he appeared on the music scene, he has won over audiences. Several of his songs became big hits and are still heard today, and he broke out a few years ago. The songs Situations and RISKY have over half a million views and are still listened to today. He usually publishes songs himself, but he also does excellent collaborations with other rappers. He has worked with rappers Hood Baby Peppa, LD Bandz and Kz Flexy but also others. LB Spiffy, with whoever I work with, always makes a hit song that is constantly listened to.

While waiting for the most influential songs for this summer, be sure to listen to LB Spiffy’s song CHROME, which will be a big hit this summer. If you want to be up to date with the songs he liked this summer, be sure to subscribe to his official YouTube channel LB Spiffy and be among the first to hear the new summer hits of this young rapper. He is active on his YouTube channel and often publishes new songs, so he is followed by over 20,000 followers.