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Why G – Bogus

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On 16.6.2021. the rapper Why G released a new hit for the summer called “Bogus”.

The rapper surprised his fans with some dope visuals and a beat that will get you hooked on the song for days. 

Why G rocked the beat, and many say this is his best song so far. He flexes his money and jewelry in the song saying, “All my jewelry frozen, nothing you can’t see golden”.

The music video matches the vibe of the song perfectly. You can enjoy the colourful visuals while listening to the song that will probably be played the whole summer.

Why G is definitely stepping up his game, and many say he is one of the best Canadian rappers in the game right now.

How did Why G become popular?

The Toronto rapper rose to fame with a hit called “Gamble” released in 2018. Another popular rapper Pressa was on the song, bringing the collaboration to a whole other level.

Their joint work has been viewed more than 2 million times on YouTube.

Despite his rising fame, the rapper enjoys his privacy; the fans don’t even know his real name nor date of birth. He lives two different lives, but his fans don’t care as long as he puts out great music.

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Quotable lyrics:

“Life like a game of checkers but these niggas playing chess (Stupid)

Heard your cro got left at his address (At his house)

Body slam him with this glizzy, that’s a suplex (WWE)

These niggas trappin’ for years and ain’t no progress (Years)

Still buying their dope cooked, and get finessed (Dummy).”