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Rob49 – Yes, You Did ft. Real Boston Richey

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Rob49 and Real Boston Richey drop out a new visual for the song Yes, You Did

Rob49 and Real Boston Richey release a new official. The premiere of the new official video for the song Yes, You Did was on August 12, 2022. The song quickly got a lot of significant reactions from the audience and almost 700 thousand views. The rappers did a great collaboration, and the song became a hit very quickly. The visual is on Rob49’s official YouTube channel.

This fantastic visual did The Killerjack film. In this visual, we can see the rapper gathered with many people and shot scenes for the visual in several locations. Exciting scenes in the video are when the rappers enjoy the company of attractive girls who dance for them. A large group of people playing in the background at the gas station brings a unique vibe and good energy that makes this video even better. In the visual, we can also see luxury cars as one of the regular occurrences in the videos of these great artists.

The music is a strong sound, with a lot of heavy and deep chords that give this song intensity. The extended chords in the piano to which the beat joins are repeated until the end of the song. The music fully evoked the text. The rappers have a great mix of singing styles, but their voices differ. If you want to hear a strong, moving sound, then Yes, You Did is the song for you.

The song Yes, You Did also received many streams on the Spotify platform. Rob49 can boast of his great success on this platform and currently has almost 400 thousand monthly listeners. His most streamed song on this platform is Vulture Island V2 which has a whopping 3.2 million views.

Rob49 has done 8 amazing songs and visuals for all those songs in the past 4 months. His projects have millions of views so far. The song that caused a lot of attention became a big song Hustler V2, which the rapper did in collaboration with Kevin Gates.

In addition to many great visuals, Rob49 released his new album called Vulture Island 4 months ago. There are 10 new songs on this project. Judging by the reactions of the audience and the number of views, the song Alright, for which the rapper made a visual right after the release of the album.

Rob49 has almost 320 thousand followers on Instagram. The rapper’s profile has many exciting videos and photos promoting his latest songs and collaborations. If you want to be up to date with all the current events, then be sure to follow the Rob49 profile.

Click on the link on the page and see the new visual. Please tell us how you like the new song and the collaboration between these two artists in the comments.

Read part of the lyrics below:

Yeah, pull up, S550, spit in my ho mouth when I kiss her
Yeah, rich ’round drug dealers, yeah, rich ’round real killers
Yeah, could’ve been a victim, I ain’t say that, yes, you did (Bah)
I’m so deep, my duffy and my bag and my Prada