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Canadian Artist

Smiley, The Rapper From Toronto




Given name: /

Aliases: Smiley, Smiley_61st 

Age: 23

Hometown: Toronto, Canada

Label: Warner

Social: https://www.instagram.com/thareal_smiley/

About Smiley:

Smiley is a 23-year-old Toronto rapper that has been in the spotlight since 2018.

He was associated with the famous beef between Pusha T and Drake. However, he has entered the music scene with two mixtapes: “Buy or Buy” and “A tape to remember.”

In 2019 he released “A road to Buy or Buy,” In 2020, he dropped his album “YYZ- Lax.”

In 2020 he was recording music in his home studio. He released his album kind of fast, without really thinking about the music videos and the promotions. 

He later said that he regrets not having stored videos in the vault because he didn’t feel like shooting them later.

“9 0 2” Is the song he says was the most successful of the album. He is really proud that everything sounded just how he wanted it to sound.

Smiley has a unique style and a catchy song that people either love or hate. But, he does not go unnoticed. 

Smiley is Drake-approved; he even posted Smiley’s lyrics under an Instagram post.

Many ask him how did he achieve that?

Since then, Smiley has been supported heavily by the OVO team and is one of Drake’s favorite Toronto rappers. He supports him all the time, posting his pictures and hyping up his music.

However, he says he prefers doing his own thing to collaborating with someone. 

So does that mean we won’t get Smiley + Drake? Not for now…


He promised that he would be more active on his Instagram profile because he wants to stay in touch with his fans. He is sad because the Pandemic did not allow him to meet his fans in person and rap on a stage, but he looks forward to doing that in the future.

“I don’t think I am right there. I think there is a lot of work to do,” Smiley says in an interview when asked about his fame.

 He kind of went from playing video games in his room to being put in the spotlight.

On 30.4.2021. Smiley released a cool video for “In my Zone” on his youtube channel. The video has more than 30.000 views. Smiley says he is most proud of the beat of this song; he says that it is his next big hit.

Another successful collaboration was with Road Runner on “Spinladen.” The joint song was released in April, and the two artists managed to show their skills.

The music video for the song is really cool; Road Runner is seen in some barely lit environment while his partner Smiley is seen in broad daylight. 

He teased a new song called “Fresh Life” on his Instagram profile. He posted a picture enjoying himself by the pool with the caption “Fresh Life” coming soon.

Fans are getting excited about it in the comments, and a music video will definetly follow it.

For the rest of 2021, he says he has many videos that he needs to publish. However, there is no talk of a new album.

He says he listens to himself all the time, saying that he is his worst critic. The Canadian artist says he is far from perfect, but he wants to show his craft to the world, and no one will stop him with that.

Check out Smiley’s interview where he talks about his album and his music in the link below:

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Canadian Artist

AstroKidJay, A Young Artist Coming Out Of Toronto




Nickname: AstroKidJay
Place of birth: Toronto

AstroKidJay skyrocketed his career with a track called “ Ibiza”, which took over the rap world in seconds. People didn’t believe him when he said he recorded it in the closet, but it was definitely worth it.

Even though many thought after “ Ibiza”, the young rapper would keep releasing song after song, his new manager told him to focus on his lyrics and flow and then come out with something top-notch.

Until 2021, Astro Kid was laying low but perfecting his craft by experimenting and reading books.

In 2021 AstroKidJay finally dropped “ Wizard Boy” the album, and he signed a  major record label deal. He says his main inspiration for the first album was the 2000s.

In the meantime, he dropped cool singles and dope music videos like “ My Time”, “ Goldeneye”, “ Airplane Mode”, and “ Will or Won’t.” Astro Kid says his new album is something totally different and versatile. He says he is in a completely new era of his life that he would like to share with his fans.

He dropped his second album on April 22nd, 2022. The album “ Rose Out The Mud” has 10 tracks, and one of them is called “ Alicia Keys”. The rapper says the singer is one of the role models he listened to back in the day.

We hope Astro Kid won’t leave us waiting for years to drop something new. Still, we have an awesome album to listen to in the meantime, don’t miss out on it.

His newest music video is for “ Shots”, so don’t forget to check it out below on this page. Leave a comment if you think the music video is something special.

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Canadian Artist

Paris Richards, One Of The Most Known Female Artists From Toronto




Nickname: Paris Richards

Place of birth: Toronto, Canada
Instagram profile:  https://www.instagram.com/paris_richards/

Paris Richards says she always used music as a form of expression, but she never thought of it as her passion because of the male-dominated industry. She started off as an exotic dancer, and now she is a mom and one of the rising female artists in Toronto.

In 2014, she went to the studio and gave it a try. Her first official song, “6ix Queen,” came out in 2016. Her breakthrough hit was “Run it Up” in 2018. The song made it to Radio Flow 93,5 Toronto, which is a big success.

After “Run it Up,” she collaborated with Moshine on a song called “Savage.” In 2020 she dropped “He say she say.” After a break in 2021, Paris Richards dropped “Heart in the Trap,” produced by a Grammy-winning producer, and got 250k streams on Spotify. 

The rapper started off 2022 with a powerful vibe by dropping “Woah Vicky,” which is later a bonus track on her album. She dropped “Queen of the 6ix” recently; The album went to 2nd place on the Itunes Hip-Hop charts All Genres. She said the album is her first real body of work and a milestone for her career.

She has worked on the album for a long time and released 9 fire songs. She collaborated with Kash Doll and Jully Black on the album.

The name “Queen of the 6ix” is not only a name she has carried with her forever, but now it is her official trademark. With this album, she is getting the recognition she deserves when it comes to real raps.

We hope this year she will finalize her dream when it comes to working with some of the big stars like Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, and others.

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Canadian Artist

Chromazz, A Known Female Artist From Toronto




Nickname: Chromazz

Place of birth: Toronto, Canada

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theylovechromazz/

An unexpected story even for her, who didn’t dream of becoming a rapper. Chromazz started working at a spa, and now she is one of the wealthiest female rappers in Toronto. She became famous when she dropped her first song, “Baddie”, in 2020. The music video got 23M views and launched her career. 

Before that, she dropped “Water Paste”, but it wasn’t her breakthrough hit. The song was her first attempt at becoming viral.

She dropped another music video for “Let’s Go” in 2020. In May, it was the perfect time to drop “Quarantina”. The sexy music video got her the attention she needed. Even though she quickly got views, many of them commented that she should not open her mouth.

She didn’t quit, and later on, she dropped “Chromita”, which is her most iconic song so far. Another big win for the rapper was “Marcus The Stallion”, with 380k views. This was intentional diss at Megan, but the rapper didn’t respond.

She did a collaboration with Cholocash on “Henessy” seven months ago. She dropped the newest collaboration, “Beyblade”, with Yung Leeks two months ago. In the bio, she said that her IG is constantly being deleted, so she can’t reach out to her fans.

The newest collaboration has dope visuals and some fire lyrics, and it is probably her best work so far. Fans have commented that she has finally found her sound and that she should stick to it.

She also commented, “Stay Tuned”, so maybe we can expect an album from the rapper soon. She has the platform and the bars todo it, so why wait?

Don’t forget to check out her music, especially her last track, “Beyblade”.

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