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SooDope & Hersh – Pain

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On 6.10.2021, the rapper Soo Dope released a music video for “ Pain” on his YouTube channel.

Two weeks ago, Soo Dope teased the video on his Instagram profile; he challenged his fans and asked them to leave 50 comments if they wanted the song.

He added that he and Hersh would go mad on this one, and he didn’t lie.

The visuals are on a whole new level; we feel trapped in a movie whose main scene is a crime scene in the woods.

Soo Dope starts off the song in his signature style; the first thing we notice is the dope flow.

You could listen to So Dope interacting with the beat all day because his lyrics are something special.

Hersh then comes in aggressively with his verse; he calls himself “ the new wave” and tries to bring something original to the rap table.

Both catchy and nostalgic chorus gives us trippy vibes if we listen to it a couple of times.

Both rappers rap about their struggles in the hood, and it is like we are following their journey.

If you want to put something different on your playlist, don’t forget to listen to “ Pain”.

You may know So Dope because of his song “ Vibe”, which he released two years ago.

The rapper has made huge progress since, but he still needs to get more views.

If you like underrated old-school rappers follow these two on their Instagram profiles:

Check out the music video for “Pain” above on this page.

Leave a comment down below if you want to support Soo Dope and Hersh.

Quotable lyrics:

“ That is my dawg, keep them straight 

Imma show them different, stuck up in them

trenches couple of niggaz are missing, remixing

drugs tryna take away this pain dawg”.