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Shani Boni – Big Shani B

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Shani Boni – Big Shani B out new video, you must watch!

Shani Boni set the Internet on fire when she released a new video for her song Big Shani B just 10 days ago.

She posted the video on June 3, 2022, on her official YouTube channel. In just over 7 days, this video was watched by a record 48,000 people.

This attractive young rapper is a big refreshment on the rap music scene. The way he raps leaves him dayless.

This video will become her ID card. In this song, she introduces herself to the audience by telling who she is, what she wants, and what she does.

Modern and urban scenography and the people who appear in her video attract the audience to watch this video several times a row. In addition to rap, the audience noticed her attractive appearance and beautiful face, which refreshes today’s rap scene. How well she raps has left almost all the fans who write her friendly comments dayless.

This song became a hit in a short time. Videos have appeared on YouTube where people record their reactions while watching a song. These days, the number of such videos on YouTube is growing; indeed, everyone reacted positively and commented on this song, video, and rap. On first listening, many of the authors of these videos started dancing because the music of Big Shani B moves them. 

There are a lot of comments where everyone talks about a hard rapping sound like a woman. In the comments from the YouTube reaction, there was also an invitation for dinner.

Shani Boni lit up all social networks, not just YouTube. On TikTok, you can also watch exciting videos recorded by her fans and other people who like this song. Mostly everyone with TikTok plays like her in their video. Be sure to check out all the exciting videos with this song, which are becoming a hit on the Internet nowadays.

Shani Boni informed the public and her fans on her Instagram that the song had come out and invited everyone to share the music and tag it. On her profile, you can see how she gladly reposts all the posts where fans tag her. Shani Bonnie is always in the mood to take pictures with her fans when they ask her to take a photo.

In addition to this song, there are two more songs on her YouTube channel, Not a Barbie and Talk Facts, which have been released in the last 3 months. Each of these songs delighted the audience, and we expect it to be the same as Big Shani B’s music, which has already become a hit.

We recommend you watch this attractive, handsome rap singer Shani Boni in her new look Big Shani B. Write below the video as you like, and be sure to subscribe to her official YouTube channel so that you will follow all her new songs and videos. We can’t wait to see what this beautiful artist has prepared.