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Taystaxx – My Time

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On 8.6.2021. Taystaxx dropped a music video for her new track, “My time,” and she killed it.

The visuals are directed by PMI visuals, and they are high-quality considering that the rapper is still underground.

Taystaxx proved that she has a beautiful voice with bags of character in her tone.

She exemplifies great power and control as she throws bars throughout the video.

Taystaxx skilfully rhymes while making clear and strong statements in between, and there is no need to say that she rides the flow very easily.

Taystaxx makes it look effortless in her new track, “My time,” but she says that it took five years to get to this point.

She is relatively new in this game, but she has already picked up some tricks to benefit her career.

Taystaxx started off with a simple chain, but her music has the potential of bringing her a lot of golden chains.

Taystaxx speaks the truth while looking gorgeous in her new song, and we are here to support her rap journey.

Support Tay Staxx and her music

There are a lot of new rappers who are flooding the scene these days.

If you are looking for something new to put on your playlist, “My time” is a good choice.

If you like the song, follow Taystaxx on her Instagram profile, and show some support:

Check out Taystaxx’s new song “My time” above on this page.

Leave a comment down below if you think this female rapper is about to blow up.

Quotable lyrics:

“Your ass out, then your back hurt,

don’t make sense, we know that part,

couldn’t fuck with her type, pretty

bitch you are not that smart, she

has a dash wig and that’s trashy,

synthetic wig and its plastic”.