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On 19.9.2021. 23 Dreams dropped a music video for “ Faygo” on his YouTube channel.

Even though the video doesn’t have a lot of views, it is worth watching.

Sometimes the underground rappers invest more in their music and visuals than superstars.

23 Dreams is serving mad bars in this one, showing that he has a hardcore potential of becoming someone in the rap game.

The flow is interesting, and he switches really fast on the track, which is more than enough for a good song.

One of the best moments in the song is when he says, “ I need a millie,” and later changes the flow.

23 Dreams is new in the game, but he has his own tune, and after a couple of more songs, he might get his own audience.

We just hope that this song is not his only hit and that he has a lot of others stored for us.

If you are up for something new that does not follow mainstream rules, check out 23 Dreams, you won’t regret it.

What does “Faygo” mean in the rap world? 

If you think the name of the song sounds familiar, you are not wrong.

You have probably heard the song “ Blueberry Faygo,” and 23 Dreams took the same reference.

The title of this song (Blueberry Faygo) is actually a reference to the flavorful soft drink especially popular within some circles in America.

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Quotable lyrics:

“ Open and serving, arrah, I got 

the choppers unlocked, bitch I’m a dog,

it’s either you eat or you starve, I gotta pray my salah,

that’s just the way it goes, yeah ”.