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Tory Lanez – City Boy Summer

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Tory Lanez – City Boy Summer is out! Download, stream, and listen to the project now!

These days on the internet, the song City Boy Summer has brought a lot of reactions and comments from the audience. Tory Lanez has released a new video for his new song, which received almost 612K views and over 38,000 likes in just a two weeks with incredible speed. He posted the song on his official YouTube channel.

The song caused different emotions and reactions in the audience so that we could read different opinions in the comments.

Tory Lanez delights the audience with his new songs and shows how much effort and money he has invested in his new project, just as is the case with this song.

This video of the highest quality was done in collaboration with the best producers. For the video to be so amazing, the rapper shot in several places, surrounded by the greatest luxury. Fantastic energy and good summer vibes were completed by attractive, handsome girls and his team.

Luxury cars and incredibly good outfits contribute to this video being one of his best videos so far.

His voice fits in very well with the music, and that’s why the song became a hit in just a few days.

In the song, Tory talks about himself, his life and his attitudes. That is why the scenography was chosen to show his lifestyle and send the words of this song.

The rapper found himself targeted by the media when the story spread that Tory shot American rapper Megan Thee Stallion. According to the media, the trial for this is still ongoing, but the rapper pleaded not guilty. Due to this incident, there are negative comments on his posts.

This life situation inspires a successful young rapper to make fantastic lyrics and creatively show his feelings in his top videos.

The inspiration that drives and motivates him results in Tory Lanez often releasing and recording his songs, thus bringing something to the audience. Each song is a hit that pushes the boundaries and ignites the internet.

The song has also become popular on other platforms. Stream “City Boy Summer” on Apple Music, Spotify, or Soundcloud below.

If you are interested in what’s new with Tory Lanez, visit his Instagram profile, which has an incredible 11 million followers. In addition to his new songs, the rapper informs the audience about his performances and concerts but also shares some photos from his private life.

Be sure to listen to the song City Boy Summer and leave a comment on how you like the video for this song.

Read the text of the popular song City Boy Summer below:

Had to check me a ho comin’ down
Bail out money, I got my dawg off the ground
I might’ve sold brown but I sippin’ on Doja
Fly city nigga, I’m a motherfuckin’ soldier
I fucked a ho then I left on her skis
Get her on cheese, iced up, iced [?] her knees
Cause that pussy bloody like it’s [?] trippin’