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DKE Author – Been That (That Guy 2) ft. Kutta Beatz

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DKE Author Arrives with “Been That” (That Guy 2) ft. Kutta Beatz

Florida artist DKE Author explodes with another anthem of a track, “Been That” (That Guy 2) ft. Kutta Beatz is a banger of a new sound from the young artist that knocks with aggression. Each pump of the 808 is a moment DKE uses to deliver his expressive low-register flows that will have you moving to the beat in no time.

Straight from the town of Belle Glade, DKE began his career releasing a short string of singles that did not receive much attention. That is until the release of “That Guy”, a song that showcased the rapper’s charisma and style to such a degree that it earned him a legion of fans through airplay and online rap websites. The song was part of his 2020 project “Respect The Dark”, released with the support of his label Dark Knight Empire. This album featured his biggest tracks to date, several of the songs earning millions of streams on Spotify. Followed up with his 2021 project “No Regrets”, the young rapper shows no signs of slowing down on his powerful stride in the hip-hop game.

“Been That” is another stepping stone on DKE Author’s path to success, playing shows and dropping music frequently. This trapped-out tune bursts with the confidence DKE has shown so far, the video as well being a high-quality piece to go along with it.

DKE Author Been That

DKE Author – Been That ft. Kutta Beatz

Been this Way Since a Youngin’

Kutta Beatz developed the instrumental that is so fire he is the featured artist on this track. Reggae chords alternate with spacey synth leads on the top, with absolutely destructive kicks driving the track. DKE flows at an extremely clean pace throughout the song, living deep in the pocket of each 808 hit. “That boy a biscuit, don’t make me risk it”, “you can’t get in on this lick if you ain’t done shit” and “We the type to pull up with that .40 and go ham” are just some of the ultra-cold bars he delivers in his signature style. 

Counterpoint 2.0 shot this one, which has the exact same bouncy and hard feeling as the song in question. Mainly taking place inside a bar, DKE Author spits his rhymes while holding a puppy in one hand! Other cool locations in the visual include a nightime street where the rapper and his crew perform with a gorgeous model. The puppy gets passed from person to person as the video goes on, which is brought to life by the sheer energy DKE brings to his performance.

Tap in with DKE Author on Instragram to stay up-to-date with his latest releases, the self-proclaimed “Prince of the South ” getting up to all sorts of dope activities in his profile. “Been That” (That Guy 2) ft. Kutta Beatz is available everywhere right now!