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Stream RICH OFF DRUGS and enjoy to Duvy’s new official video

Nearly 300,000 people watched Duvy’s new official video for the song Rich off drugs in less than 7 days. Duvy posted his new video on his official YouTube channel and delighted the audience.

Every day we can see the growing number of reviews and comments on the song Rich off drugs, which makes the song one of the most listened to.

Duvy’s new song is on our playlists these days precisely because of the fantastic combination of good music and lyrics. In this song, Duvy is brutally honest and speaks openly about everything.

In this video, Duvy shows scenes from the street where he is with his team. The scenes in the video where we can see the rapper in his performances fit especially well. This fantastic energy and brutally honest lyrics made this song a hit. Rich off drugs is a banger.

These days, many bloggers are advertising on YouTube with their video reactions to the song. Almost all the bloggers who posted the video are thrilled with the song and think that this song deserves to be noticed. Some commented on the rapper’s appearance, and some commented on the lyrics rather than the video, but in essence, the song went very with the blogger as well.

The rapper has only released singles in the last few months, while collaborations with other colleagues has been in short supply. Certainly, that doesn’t stop him from making top-quality music material, and each of his songs is excellently placed with the audience this year. This song broke rating records at the start and proved his best in the past few months, next to the song Secret and Stand Witch. 

The song that stood out, especially in the rapper’s repertoire, is the song Nightmarez, which reached a reach of almost 2 million views.

Before the song was released, Duvy first announced the song’s release on his Instagram profile on June 1, and then when the song was finally out, he posted a short video and informed the audience on June 15 that the song was out. These days, his instagram profile contains the most posts related to promoting the new song. If you are interested in what Duvy publishes, you can join his Instagram army and follow his profile, which has over 85,000 followers.

If you haven’t listened to Rich off drugs, be sure to do so, and write in the comments what you especially like in this video and text. We suggest you subscribe to Duvy’s official YouTube channel, where you will surely be able to see his latest music project prepared.

Read-only a part of the lyrics of the song Rich off Drugs below:

Shooter was excited (For real)
Fake in my sight (My sight)
I be with the murder man, he got me for life
Free my brothers behind the cages
Seem like they forget ’bout what you did but I don’t change up
You got some problems? talk to me
Wanna go drill? I walk with you