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Jahh Fetty – Calling

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On March 12th, the rapper Jahh Fetty dropped the track and music video for “Calling” on his YouTube channel.

The music video directed by Mirzy Productions passed the vibe check, and Jahh Fetty’s track is something we can listen to all day. Jahh Fetty pulled up his emotions on this one; he talked about the situations in his life, which made this song raw and beautiful. He dedicated the song to someone who passed away but was clearly important to him.

Jahh Fetty’s bars are top-notch; he doesn’t miss a beat and just needs to keep going. He has the storytelling skills and the ear for music,  which you can find out in the first minute of the track.

After his collaboration, “ Victims” Fetty finally started getting the attention he deserved. The music video has around 7k views, which is not enough for a track like this. His fans are satisfied with his progress, and we hope he will keep up with the new releases.

Jahh Fetty started releasing music about two years ago,  and so far, “ Depression” is his biggest hit. The one thing we appreciate is that he doesn’t release trash; they are all hits and no misses. He is always open and talks about things that happened to him,  but the way he fits them into killer bars is fantastic.

How can you support  Jahh Fetty? Follow him on his IG page below, and listen to his music:

Check out the music video for “ Calling” above on this page. Let us know what you think of it in the comment section below.

Quotable lyrics:

“Once I get turned

up it be hard for me

to settle down, jump

inside these trees, if you 

can’t swim, then you will

fucking drown.”