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Young Thug & Gunna – Ski

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“Ski” by Thug and Gunna | Young Stoner Life 

The song “Ski” alluringly sung by The Young Thug and Gunna for the album “Slime Language 2” is immensely popular amidst the French and African fans for its winsome beat. Both the rappers, Thug and Gunna are fans’ devotees. They are deemed as aficionados of rap art.

The song “Ski” is captivatingly put forth before the fans. It has its charm and delight in its rhythm and rhymes. While performing, Thug passes the verse to Gunna with props, then Gunna passes it back to Gunna at the end. This harmony in this rap song has been soothing to ears, affable to souls, and aesthetic to minds. 

The song is explicitly prominent for the use of aesthetic background, the Ah-mazing dancing stage, the hotties, and the vibrant hoofers. The adored part about the song is the beat, a drop-dead gorgeous one that hits the minds and drugs them. It’s been masterfully dropped by Thug and Gunna that devotees can’t stop repeating the track.

This summer song is not only an insanely replayed one but the act and the lipsing of the hoopers and singers represent an art gallery. The words can stick in the chest of every rap song lover like sleepy heaving birds laboring for breath. Thence, Ski has got everything, ranging from style to rythm, words to dance, colors to aesthetic, romance to sensuality. The 2 minutes and 35 seconds video is evolving on YouTube every year with its addictive tune and straight-heat vibe.

In a nutshell, the fans’ favourite combo Thug and Gunna leave everyone wide-opened with their magical performances. Their production and direction remain the topic of the town whenever they come up with something new. Brilliant are they and brilliant are their art. The cultural taste befriends their music.