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3MFrench – Trophy

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3MFrench released a new video on May 4 this year for their new single Trophy on the Tripl3 M YouTube channel.

Back in February this year, 3MFrench announced his new single, and from May until today, it has already had more than 100k views on YouTube and a large number of positive reviews.

We can notice the great production and that the video follows the lyrics. In the video, 3M French is surrounded by numerous girls relaxing and having fun. Fans are especially delighted with the attractive looks of the girls that 3MFrench chose for the video.

In the video itself, we can notice great video effects and a great outfit that he chose for this video and the outfit follows the lyrics. The outfit is especially good because we can notice that he paid special attention to jewellery and wore a necklace with his initials, which attracts our attention.

Interestingly, 3MFrench included many people for the video, and in that way, you can see the great commitment of the artist himself. He was shooting the video in several locations, which requires special commitment and effort. The shots where we can notice a good party and fun stand out.

The music itself is quite catchy and immediately enters your ears, and that sound is constantly spinning in your head. We can also notice the reactions of the audience and fans who comment positively on the music.

The lyrics are great but easy to remember with this catchy music, and you will memorize the chorus very quickly and sing non-stop because the right song is yours for good parties. We expect it to be played at parties and in clubs.

We expect this to be a new trophy for 3MFrench, as was the single OnTime released 3 years ago and has over 2 million views.

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Quotable lyrics for Trophy:

’’I know the city inside out, don’t need no GPS

Yeah, like window tinted, duckin ‘ETF

I smoke a spliff after a drill, and go watch TPS

They freed my nigga Number 3, they gotta free the rest

CLE and I got loyalty in my DNA

Called the plug and asked, “Yo, broski, what’s your eTA?”

I need to re-, and go there low, outside the GTA

‘Cause the block is flamin’, five star, GTA

Yeah, uh, yeah, they know we step

Better come correct, I represent my set

It’s Triple M, and bitch, I got it all over my neck

They fuckin ‘with the opps, they better stand on what they rep

‘Cause when we see them, we got pugs and we gon’ clean the mess

They can’t live up in the city, they know we are a threat

My youngins put in work and I don’t even have to sweat

I’m gettin ‘money, 3-6-5, and I ain’t talkin’ bets

Uh, yeah, shootin ‘with no mesh’’