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Duvy – Stand Witchu

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Duvy – Stand Witchu

On 3.12.2012. the young rapper Duvy dropped another hit named “Stand Witcha” and the video for the song with a slight change of the name.

“Stand witchu” follows the high-quality video production like the previous releases, but the sound is something we don’t usually expect from Duvy.

Instead of powerful and aggressive beats, this song brings a slower sound with amazing classical instruments in the background, such as piano and saxophone.

Although slower, this song still has great flow and catchy beats, and it will very fast spread through your bloodstream.

As the rapper says in the song’s beginning: “This shit off the top man, like every other track.”

Duvy has confidence in what he has to offer, and people can hear it and feel it in everything he does.

The song is short but unforgettable, and the rapper’s unique voice creates a mesmerizing flow.

The song’s atmosphere is a bit gloomy, with deep and honest lyrics about the reality of hood life.

We love how Duvy’s lyrics are philosophical, and he definitely has a unique writing style.

The video walks us through Duvy’s hood, and he is telling his story with the sentiment of a young guy who has already experienced the sharp spikes of life.

The production of the video is done in a way that captures your attention every second with a visual aesthetic and nicely fitted effects.

Considering how fast Duvy’s creative pace is, “Stand Witchu” is one more step up the stairs of his promising career.

You can catch up with his latest work on his Instagram page:

Quotable lyrics:

“It’s the first 48 on every street

Slangin’ cuttas, F&N’s and everything

We love the whole life, give me wedding ring

Play my cards, this ain’t no poker.”