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Houdini x NorthSideBenji – Repeat

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Houdini and Benji have teamed up for a new collaboration and created the song for Repeat

 In April this year, a new video for the single Repeat was released, recorded by rappers Houdini and NorthSideBenji.

The song was written before Houdini died in 2020 but the video came out finally this year, to the great joy of his audience.

A video has been published on Houdini’s YouTube Chanel, and it already has almost half a million views. This fusion of the two artists delighted the audience, and the comments below the video show the audience how much Houdini misses the music scene.

Repeat is a song of creative freedom, acceptance and celebrating uniqueness. Light rhythm and relaxing music contribute to the song being remembered quickly.

This song is a collaboration between two great artists. In one of the interviews we read, Benji said that Houdini was like his twin brother, which tells us how close these two artists were. The two artists collaborated before the song Repeat was created by recording the songs “Levels” and “Too Soft”. Repeat is just another in a series of songs that showed that they like to collaborate and make good music together.

Benji took a break from ’19 to ’21, but he made up for that time when he returned. The night before this video came out, Benji addressed the fans and wrote on his Instagram profile that due to unforeseen circumstances, they could not release the video in ’19. Still, on behalf of Houligan Estate, they want to give the audience something amazing, especially in the days that shook.

This song is a perfect combination of good music and many emotions. The chill sound of this song is perfect for a party or a weekend drive.

To the special delight of the audience, Houdini appears in the video. The director and video editor, Orazio, shows scenes from Houdini’s performance and scenes from the tropical location where Benji and a young boy are. This boy in the video represents the son whom Houdini left behind after his death.

Just as the audience was thrilled with the videos from Houdini’s performance, the audience also reacted positively to the tropical location they chose to shoot the video.

At the end of the video, a short video appears where these two artists enjoy themselves together, followed by the caption Houdini 2022. With this, Orazio tried to symbolize that Houdini lived through music.

We hope that you will play this song only on Repeat.

Quotable lyrics:

Ain’t prayin’ but she on her knees (On her knees)
Ain’t LеBron, I ain’t switchin’ teams (Bron)
This shit ain’t what it seems (Nah)
Playin’ with 40’s and Nina’s (Four, yeah)
In the trap, whippin’ Christina (Wait)
She gotta sign this prenup (Sign)
Better not sign no subpoena (Nah)
I think know why they hatin’ (Hatin’)
Get out my way, dawg (Get out my way, dawg)
I’m tryna afford the latest (The latest), foreign was paid off (Paid off)