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3MFrench x TwoTwo x Pengz – Lizzie McGuire




On 22.10.2021. 3MFrench dropped a collaboration with TwoTwo and Pengz on his YouTube channel.

The three Toronto rappers have decided to join forces on their first collaboration, and their fans love it.

French was not consistent this year, after the release of his album in 2020, but he has made a big comeback with the two leading artists of Toronto.

The visuals are crazy, and they follow a planned out storyline that you will get by the end of the song.

The song is a bit slower than many anticipated, but “ Lizzie McGuire” proves that all three can ride any flow and that there is only love between them.

3MFrench is in charge of the chorus, delivering his insane energy and dope bars.

The first verse is reserved by TwoTwo, who comes in strongly, suggesting that he has no time to waste.

Pengz comes in for the second verse and probably delivers one of his best performances so far.

The trio has been teasing this collaboration for a while, and we can say it is a hood classic.

Their fans have been calling them “ The Toronto Migos”, and they wish they have a whole project with more tracks.

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Quotable lyrics:

“ You, damn, gon’ shoot if I say so, facts,

I was just puggin’ the geedo, uh,

So many times I shed out of a jam’o,

Was ‘til a Chichi get the yayo,

My opps, they hiding in Calgary,

Bring these pussies a fact of my salary.