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Pengz – Free Chaotic ft. 6ixbuzz

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On April 1st Pengz dropped a new music video: “Free Chaotic” ft. 6ixBuzz, on his YouTube channel. “Free Chaotic” is a masterpiece for everybody who appreciates mad flows and good bars.

The music video, which shows Pengz’s gangster lifestyle, has hit 65k views. The track “Free chaotic” is off his new EP “Can’t make this shit up”. The EP has 7 tracks ons it, but most of them aren’t released.

So far, “Igloo” has captured the attention of many, but “Free Chaotic” has a great chance of becoming the best track on the EP. If you want to listen to something different that will get you hooked on it for days, look no further and check out Pengz’s new EP.

The rapper says the track is a preview of what is to come, so if this is only the beginning, then we can expect some good lyrics and even better flows from the rising Toronto star. The rapper also mentioned that his mixtape is in progress, so this is going to be one successful year for Toronto music.

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Check out the music video above on this page, and drop a comment below if you think the song is dope.

Quotable lyrics:

“I’m supplying all the needs; I get whatever you fiend

I got up, down, dope, coke, pills, guns, and weed

I can’t go back to my kitchen ‘because he’s mossing on the breeze

Niggas in the streets say free Chaotic but where’s his lawyer fees

Uh, facts, thinks he knows ’bout Con Air ’cause he went to the pen on a plane

Lil’ bro ’bout his money and violence, so I call him Shooter Shane.”