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Pengz – Eastern Conference

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Pengz – Eastern Conference

Pengz has released a video for his song “Eastern Conference” on 10. 12. 2021. and it’s available on the Tripl3 M YouTube channel.

Pengz is an up-and-coming rapper from Toronto who dropped several great singles in the past years.

He’s been getting lots of recognition lately because of his work ethic, dedication, and talent.

His ability to pick up flows and alter techniques so quickly allows people to see a variety of aspects of his talent.

“Eastern Conference” is an upbeat song with a straightforward message and raw vibes.

The beat is sick, and it has a really good flow to it, merging with a triumphant melody in the background.

The hard drums create a tense and heavy vibe, and it perfectly matches the story the rapper is telling.

Throughout the song, Pengz drops the rhymes about street violence and his life experience in the hood where he grew up.

The video is directed and edited by Orazio, and it features a dark and cold atmosphere that gives out the raw vibes of street life.

The video is an obvious banger since it reached over 121.000 views in the first week. 

Pengz is headed for success, and we are sure that he is preparing more surprises for the future.

If you still didn’t see the video, go ahead and check it out above.

After that, you can let us know what you think about it in the comments.

If you want to follow the news about the rapper’s future work, check out his Instagram page:

Quotable lyrics:

“My west end dawgs donе bun’d your bredrin, you will do nothing about it 

I’m a no limit solider, my nigga, I’m ’bout it-’bout it 

I put my gang on my heart 

And I put my heart in these streets.”