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6ixbuzz & DJ Charlie B Back To School Giveaway

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Back to School Giveaway with DJ Charlie B & 6ixbuzztv

For a lot of parents back to school shopping can be expensive and stressful for parents. There are a lot of neighborhoods in Toronto have been struggling due to the pandemic and a lot of parents being out of work.  Back to school time is a corporate companies dream of making money that a lot of families cannot always afford. On Saturday August 28th, DJ Charlie B, one of Toronto’s hottest DJ’s and 6ixbuzztv hosted a back to school giveaway event to provide back to school gear for kids, notebooks, pencils and more for neighbourhood families. 

The event took place in the five different parts of Toronto such as Malvern Family Resource Centre, Kingston and Galloway, and North York. There was a back-to-school truck that was scheduled to be in all five areas. This made it easier for families to be a part of the event without the inconvenience of travel struggles. Ice cream and other snacks were provided at the event. 

 Alongside DJ Charlie B and 6ixbuzztv was also help from the OnPoint Entertainment family, and the Other Side of Toronto family (OSOT). They all came out to support the five different neighborhoods that showed up. The event was hosted by social media influencer Meheret who was there to ensure the event goes by smoothly. Parents were happy and excited to be a part of the back-to-school event. 

The event hosted 600 hundred kids of the GTA. The back-to-school giveaway received helped from different organization such a Kappa who provided 800 book bags.  Coco and Cowe and Nick Freda raised funds so that 5 iPads and 5 apple pencils can be given away. A raffle was done for families to have a fair chance to win extra prizes.  The day was filled with a lot of fun for the families to enjoy. And the event was peaceful with good music and laughter from every corner. The rain came in later in the event, but it was still a good time for the families who left with school supplies to last their kids for the whole school year. 

A lot of the families are hoping to be a part of this event next year because it was not only fun but a lot of help for those in need. The event was well planned and coordinated. This team has been beneficial, and we cannot wait to see what they do next.  

Sponsors of the event were @haloandcompany @team_onpoint @sunrise.caribbean @menace.rides @bradJlambinc @tshirtgangofficial @snacktowntoronto @designzbyt @repsup @blktacos @rocky_car.doc @blakeshow @peterkash @flow935 and the team of  @dontechung