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Fivio Foreign – Self Made

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Self-Made by Fivio Foreign 

Maxie Lee Ryles 3, well-known for his stage name Fivio Foreign is an American rapper and songwriter. The rap named Self-Made was released six days ago by Fivio. He writes about serious issues and chants it through rapping. The flow in his rapping is flamboyant. Self made is one example. 

The song Self Made talks about real facts and catches the hearts. Every beat of this rap is so personal. It touches the feel and it feels the touches. There is a line in the song ” They hate me in private but they love me in public” which sums up the artistic quality of Fivio. He talks about facts while having fun. The Song Self Made is a red-hot amidst music buffs. It engages through its blistering beat, draws people towards the dancing floor with engrossing rhymes and rhythms.

With its top-notch production and direction, the song owes great quotes which make it rapt for rappers who merely believe in vernacular language. It instills a sense of responsibility in rappers. Moreover, the style of every character is awe-inspiring, the music has been staggering, the highs and lows are unrivaled. It profoundly draws every buff of rap music and makes everyone dance, walk, and talk with spirit.

“They said they made me…make another one” is a line that reflects the title of the song. It surely is a self-made one. Fivio has been receiving much reverence after this track. He’s been the black of everyone’s eye whom he demonstrates through this track. A motivational in its lyrics, and an unsurpassable in its style, beat, and flow. Brilliance in madness. The fans had urged him to put it on Spotify. The song has got it all. A sizzling one of this month.

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