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Windysmoke – Episode 9: Forgive Me

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Windysmoke – Episode 9: Forgive Me

On 14. 11. 2021. Windysmoke dropped a new video for the song “Forgive me” from his album “Eyes behind the politics,” and it’s available on the 6ixBuzz YouTube channel based out of Canada.

As always, the upcoming rapper Windysmoke brings the downbeat flow with creative melodies and a voice packed with emotions.

The song opens with a long and beautiful piano melody, after which the rapper jumps in with melodic verses and a slight autotune effect in his usual style.

Although the downbeat atmosphere prevails, the music still brings the energy and makes you move until the end.

The rapper shares thoughts about his life, family and hardships, with an emotional depth that is his signature trait.

The song has a dose of melancholy, as the rapper shows honest emotions towards his family and tells us the raw story, balancing with good and bad.

There is also plenty of positive vibes, emphasizing friendship, family and love for the hood.

The story of the video is placed on the street, with Windysmoke and his friends showing us their regular hood life and rolling through the night.

Windysmoke chooses a great way to present his album.

He brings his inner world and presents it to us piece by piece with every video episode.

His talent is undeniable, and he takes care to create something unique and from the heart.

Windysmoke is not afraid to show his emotions, and his raw honesty is what we really like about him.

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Quotable lyrics:

“I love my mom, 

And I know she did her best

And everything that went on, man 

It wasn’t bad.”