Bigg Sleeezzy x Lil Bucky – Str8 Drop


On 30.8.2021. Sleeezzy released a music video for “Str8 Drop” on his YouTube channel.

The track features the underground Toronto rapper Lil Bucky who joined forces with Sleeezzy to show what old school hip hop really looks like.

Lil Bucky is known for good bars, but he did not overshadow Sleezzy on this one, so both of them are at the top of their game.

They rap fast and have a nice flow, which is enough to get them noticed by the public.

The credits for the dope visuals go to Maccadelic and Tcfm Media. 

In the music video, the two rappers are seen spitting bars and chilling in a very dimly lit atmosphere.

We see the “Anti Social Social club” T-Shirt, which is a very well known streetwear brand.

The brand has been worn by many rappers and socialites, including Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

If you are looking for some hardcore Toronto rap, then don’t miss out on “Str8 Drop”.

About Bucky

You might not know Lil Bucky, but he has got some excellent songs that might end up on your playlist.

His best tracks so far are: “Gutta Baby”, “East Bay”, and “Mansion Party”.

Gutta Baby” has about 30K views on YouTube, and it is probably his most fun and energetic track.

Lil Bucky is definitely going to blow up someday, and “Str8 Drop” may be the “IT” track for him.

Check out Sleeezzy’s new collaboration “Str8 Drop ” above on this page.

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Quotable lyrics:

“I put in that pain in for you,

I was staying in for you,

if you homie pull up platinum

I was draining for you 

It is that same thing in you.”