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Da Crook – Hope

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Da Crook is getting closer and closer to releasing the whole project, which he promised to do. He dropped “No More”, “Sick Meds”, and “Free Smoke”, and we hope that after “Hope”, we will get the whole project.

The Toronto rapper always had a dynamic delivery and powerful storytelling skills, but he started directing all of his music videos which took his creativity to a whole new level. Da Crook has managed to get into the visuals game but without wrecking his music and bar game.

Da Crook said in one interview that he wants to create a storyline with good visuals and even better music. Fans think he did an amazing job with his recent releases, and we one-up that.

Everybody started to appreciate Da Crook, and he got the title one of the best lyricists in Toronto, but the rapper wants more than that. With his recent directorial debut, he has proven that the rappers are in trouble because he has the whole creative process of his music in his hands.

“Hope” is another example of when an artist takes control of his vision completely, and it turns out to be the best option- and fans are excited to see this new Da Crook chapter evolve.

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Check out the music video for Da Crook’s new track “Hope”, and leave a comment if you are vibing with it.

Quotable lyrics:

“When I was looking for love,

the devils and snakes in disguise,

don’t watch out for women who asking for money,

but never will give you a dime,

swear I see this all the time.”