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Raz Fresco – Marvelous Flow

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Raz Fresco – Marvelous Flow

Raz Fresco released a video for his song “Marvelous Flow” on 4. 12. 2021. and it’s available on BKRSCLB Records YouTube channel.

Raz Fresco is a Toronto rapper, active since 2009 with an already successful career behind him.

He is a part of the Bakersclub hip hop group, with whom he has collaborated on four mixtapes.

Anyone who knows Raz Fresco, knows how creative he is.

He has a long list of releases, including several great mixtapes, EPs, and the newest album “Magneto Was Right.”

The album has nine chapters, and it’s one of those releases you can’t get enough of.

You will be impressed by both how good each track sounds and what each song means to him musically in his life story-telling process.

“Marvelous flow” is the last of nine chapters from his album.

It brings strong old-school vibes, a dynamic atmosphere, and sharp verses.

The video was shot and edited by Shay, and it features an interesting play with lights and subtle but powerful effects.

The rapper hangs out in different places in the city with his crew, at some moments alone in his room or enjoying the company of beautiful girls.

The music comes with a great flow that strongly reminds of old-school rap tunes.

Raz Fresco aimed for the good old rap sound, modeled with his own creative touch and uniqueness.

He doesn’t stop throwing the verses throughout the song, and he is telling his story energetically because he has a lot to say.

Check out the video and tell us what you think of Raz Fresco in the comments below.

For more updates about the rapper’s creative work, check out his Instagram page: @razfreco

Quotable lyrics: 

“They suck first

Ask questions

Never labeled a villain

even though we strive to make the world better for children.”