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Toronto Rapper Block Boi Twitch

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Stage name: Block Boi Twitch, Twitch

Name: Unknown

Date and place of birth: in 1996, Canada

Block Boi Twitch said growing up in Toronto was lit, and the streets inspired him to rap and to put out his music.

He used to freestyle for his friends, record his music with his phone and put it on Sound cloud.

Twitch never changed his rap name; he says he always knew this is the right name for him because it has a ring to it.

Also, he says his parents played a lot of African and soul music, so he was introduced to it at a very young age.

He defines his music as “ old school shit and young things”, which is definitely a winning combination.

Block Boi Twitch raps about the things he sees every day and things that happen to him and his friends.

Collab with Murda Beatz

Murda Beatz messaged him because he liked his song “ Dogging Ds”, and the two linked up.

Twitch says that this was a big moment in his career.

His two most famous songs are “ 100 days” and “ Problems”.

The music has been featured on OVO Sound Radio and Flow 93,5, and some big-time rappers noticed him.

His last album, “ Chronicles”, has 8 songs, with “Entrance” as the lead single.

Block Boi collaborated with John C, DUVY, and Won5, which is a big step for his career.

Twitch has made his sound over the years, and he is not like those mainstream mumble rappers that are flooding the scene these days.

He puts a lot of effort into his tracks and drops when he is fully ready and satisfied with it.

He does not react to negative comments or counts views; he is in it because of the music.

If you are into interesting flows and icy lyrics, don’t forget to check out Block Boi’s art; it will definitely blow your mind.

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