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Booggz The Toronto Rapper

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                MEET BOOGGZ

Stage name: Booggz

Name: /

Date and place of birth: in 1998, Toronto, Ontario

Booggz has been in the rap game for just a few years, but he has got fans hooked on his music.

His rise to fandom started with his hit songs “Black Challenger” and “Floorboards”, where he showed his unique energy and flow.

Drake noticed him early on, and they finally met at OVO’S party.

Drake gave him his number, and now Booggz sends him his music and art.

He soon went on a tour with his Canadian counterpart Drake, which was one the biggest flexes of his career.

Using the newly gained fandom, he did his own take on Drake’s track “ From Florida with Love”, naming his track “ From Toronto With Love”.

This planned out trick also represented his immense love for his hometown and respect for Drake.

The young rapper ran into some personal problems; he was in rehab first and then shot.

Booggz spent seven months in jail, and he says that was the worst period of his life because he couldn’t respond to all the rumours out there.

Announcing his big comeback.

In July 2021, Booggz dropped two tracks titled “ Auto Theft” and “ Sorry For Tha Wait “.

He thanked his fans because they patiently waited for his album “ Father Figure”, which was supposed to come out in 2020.

He says that quarantine really helps an artist put out good music, and maybe that is a clue that his next album, “ Father Figure”, will be amazing.

Boogz says he draws inspiration from old-school rappers like Snoop Dogg and Lil Wayne, but he also listens to Billie Elish and Justin Bieber.

He says he would happily collab with any female artist that has her unique sound.

While waiting for “ Father Figure”, check out Booggz music to get to know his sound.

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Update: Father Figure Has Officially Been Released!