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Riicch – Sega Gen

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Riicch – Sega Gen

Riich released a fresh video on 4. 12. 2021. for his song “Sega Gen” and it’s available on Riicch YouTube channel.

Riicch is an emerging Toronto rapper with two singles and one EP behind him.

“Sega Gen” is his third single, and he shows once more how creative he is.

He draws inspiration from Toronto’s streets and atmosphere. 

He sees his music as “a byproduct of the city itself.”

The rapper often tells dark and challenging stories about his life and the city, especially since his brother Fif was murdered. 

You can hear his emotional pain and eulogy for his brother in his EP “God doesn’t sleep.”

However, the rapper shows that he can also create some positive vibes.

“Sega Gen” is a song with an upbeat groove and rhythm that makes you dance.

The music has drum and bass influences, with melodic synths in the background resembling the times of old school video games like “Sega.”

The video is directed by: Lovett Films and produced by Lowdsound.

It features a kid playing video games, the rapper in various locations, and it’s abundant with special effects, UV lights, and video games inserts.

The rapper’s voice has amazing flow and reaches different heights, interesting shifts, and discreet auto-tune effects.

He sings about the game happening on the street, with a correlation to video games and nostalgia towards the old times.

Riicch is definitely a unique talent on the Toronto scene. 

He proved once more that he came to bring quality and creative music, as well as his personal story and feelings.

Check out the new video and tell us what you think about it in the comments.

Follow the rapper’s Instagram page: @ovoriicch

Quotable lyrics: 

“I ain’t feeling pressure

Ain’t no second-guessing

I know what I want

I ain’t taking a lesson.”