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Jnr Choi, Fivio Foreign – AMUSED

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Jnr Choi and Fivio Foreign drops out a new visual for their song “AMUSED”.

Jnr Choi and Fivio Foreign made a new banger called Amused. The rappers made a brutally good combination of quality music and visual content. The official video for the song Amused was released on August 5, 2022, and in less than two days, this video has been viewed by almost 160 thousand people. This is one of the most beautiful visuals you will have the opportunity to watch these days. The video is on Jnr Choi’s official YouTube channel.

The rappers pushed the boundaries and created very high-quality content that kept the attention all the time. Namely, a grand event organized in the garden of an expensive villa will take on an entirely new dimension when rappers appear at this event. A classy party in white and everyone at the party will look away and notice that guys with their team have rushed into the garden. From that moment, the boring party becomes a natural attraction where the excitement is constantly growing.

The rappers enjoyed shooting this visual in the company of the most beautiful ladies, with whom they raised their energy to the maximum. Following this moving vibe of the song, light notes, and chords, the rappers energetically threw out their rhymes so that all the party ladies started to dance and move. You will see how this hilarious party ended at the end of the visual.

These two rappers have different styles of music, but their voices match perfectly in this track. Their deep voices with this strong beat sound great.

The song Amused is also listened to on the Spotify platform, and the number of views is increasing daily. Jnr Choi’s most streamed song on Spotify is To The Moon, which has over 177 million streams. This talented artist can boast of great success on this platform, where his music is listened to by almost 5 million monthly listeners.

Jnr Choi recently introduced himself with music from his official YouTube channel, where five months ago, he released his big hit To The Moon, which he worked on in collaboration with Sam Tompkins. After removing the official audio version 3 months ago, this song finally got its visual, which set all platforms on fire. On YouTube, this version has over 5.6 million views.

The audience liked this remix version of the Bruno Mars song Talking To The Moon, which the rappers covered and brought an entirely new dimension to the music with a faster and refreshing rhythm.

Jnr Choi also promoted his new song on his Instagram profile, where he posted promotional video content and left a link in his bio. The rapper received many positive comments from his fans on the new project.

If you didn’t have a chance to hear Amused songs – click on the link below and watch the visual. Write in the comments how you like the song and what is your favorite Jnr Choi song. You can hear more of his music on his official channel.