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LPB Poody – Play It Smart

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LPB Poody relase new video for single Play It Smart!

In a week, the song Play It Smart reached almost 100 000 views on YouTube, and you can find the song on the official LPB Poody channel. It quickly became one of my favorite songs and received numerous positive reviews.

The young rapper hired a top team for such a good video project. A very interesting idea was realized in his video, so we can see very interesting scenes, graphics, and effects, such as when the rapper becomes a black and white drawing. In addition to this effect, they designed other effects well and blended them into a good ambiance. The rapper throws out his verses in one easy car ride and a walk down the street.

The text fits perfectly into the rhythm and tact so that his recognizable voice comes to the fore. Very pleasant energy can be felt at the first listening. You will surely enjoy and relax listening to these notes this summer.

Through the text of the song, we can see that his past and lived experiences permeate.

LPB Poody does inspiring projects and has great motivation for them. Numerous situations also influenced such good musical content in his private life. In his past, there were various problems with the law and the loss of friends.

This only prompted him to make one fantastic story and transfer it all to rap and music, which led him to a successful career.

Before he was injured in a shooting in 2019, he released the mixtape Solitary Confinement, which is still being listened to.

In the last few months, the rapper has been very active and is releasing new singles that are well placed with the audience and get many views. Among his more listened-to singles these months is the song Wonder, which has already reached 370 thousand views.

LPB started rapping back in 2018 and has progressed a lot since then, so the list of his collaborations with other successful rappers includes names such as Hotboii, Rod Wave, and 9lokknine. The rapper’s most popular song has released the single “Address It,” and we believe the Play It Smart song will experience just as much success.

He has over 400,000 followers on his Instagram profile but rarely posts content. The new song prompted him to be more active, so he posted a video, informed his followers, and wrote: My Nigga Wolph Probably Turnt Rn Play It Smart Out Now On YouTube.

You can find more interesting content with the rapper on his TikTok profile. The rapper intensively follows trends and records interesting video material that he gladly shares with his followers.

If you are listening to something good and high quality, then the song Play It Smart is the right choice. Be sure to check out the latest visual that LPB Poody released. Subscribe to his channel, and comment on how you like this video and the highly inspired text.