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Kenzo B – The Facts ft. Young Devyn

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Kenzo B Releases “The Facts” Featuring Young Devyn

The New York drill scene just got another injection of power with the drop of Kenzo B’s latest song “The Facts” featuring Young Devyn. A brutally heavy and original track that proves the drill scene isn’t just a boys game, with Kenzo B absolutely annihilating another great song.

Kenzo B is a recent highschool graduate from the Bronx who learned how to freestyle from a young age, growing up with other rappers in her family including her brother and fellow artist Brando. She began to drop music just this year with the release of her track “Bump It”, a freewheeling banger built off a Dick Hale’s classic surf guitar sample previously used on the Black Eyed Peas’ “Pump It”. “Bump It” has achieved over 300,000 streams on Spotify and put this artist on the map in the drill scene. Kenzo B has released several other singles since, including “Bartender”, “No Tweaking”, and “Make it Lit”. 

She is joined on this record by another artist in the New York scene Young Devyn. An excellent Brooklyn rapper, her style compliments Kenzo’s quite well and the two create an exceptional drill track full of energy and excitement.

Kenzo B The Facts

Kenzo B – The Facts ft. Young Devyn

Female Rappers Smashing the Drill Scene

With a heavily distorted guitar sample reminiscent of a City Morgue track, the drill spin on the sound creates something undeniably heavy. Kenzo B hits the beat with her super-fast style, with bars aimed mainly at ops. She layers line after line of absolutely dominating bars, completely putting down anyone who would dare try to come for her spot. When Young Devyn joins her, the victory is sealed as she elevates the already supreme energy. An exceptional bar from her verse was “I don’t know why they keep gassing you up to be a lil pup and compete with the goat”, delivered rapid fire and effortlessly.

The video too matches the insane vibe on the song. With direction by Borleone Films, it takes place in a small square room with neon lights arranged horizontally on the walls. Beams flow through these tubes as the two women spit on the track. Other intercut shots have Kenzo in a car outside and a crowd of people holding their phone lights over her while she delivers a performance on the mic. As a whole the visual feels slick and modern, keeping up the incredibly fresh sound of the song.

Kenzo B and Young Devyn are both on Instagram, their lives in New York seeming wild and outrageous. Check them out to keep up with their latest releases, and peep “The Facts” right now and see how females can dominate the drill scene.