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Lil Zack – Sacrifice ft. Lil Baby

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On the 17th of March, Lil Zack dropped the music video for his song “Sacrifice” ft. Lil Baby. Everyone who came for Lil Baby stayed for Lil Zack because he is on fire on this track.

Lil Zack owns the song from start to finish, his flow is top-notch, and we feel like he is giving us his all and more. Fans notice how Lil Baby always goes hard for smaller artists. It is like he saves his best verses for them just to put them in the spotlight.

Even though Lil Baby’s verse is hot, it doesn’t overshadow Zack’s part. One of our favorite bars is:” I’m a boss, so i started to run up, Lil Zackeo bout to fuck up the summa,4 pockets full, they’ll think I’m with Baby, I been had to grind no I couldn’t be lazy.”

Lil Zack is on his way to becoming a real player in this game. His talent and originality are undeniable; he just needs to make more smart moves like this feature.

Check out Lil Zack’s website if you want to support his career:

Check out the music video for “Sacrifice” above on this page, and leave a comment if you have a favorite bar on the track.

Quotable Lyrics Sacrifice:

“Pack touchdown today, Huh!

We got it going today, Okay!

Cartier lenses on my face, just jumped out the cat to go out of space

I can chill with the stars, ain’t no taking my place

I know I’m a star getting fried in a Wraith

Momma always told me I was gon’ be great

The next crib gotta come with a lake

Big booty shit, crib got a gate

Big doink smoke an ounce to the face.”