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Ciggy Blacc – Just Being Honest

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Ciggy Blacc Drops Another Drill Classic “Just Being Honest”

Brooklyn rapper Ciggy Blacc has released the video for his newest song “Just Being Honest”. This drill artist has been lighting up tracks for a few years now, and this latest record is just a continuation of his already impressive career. Elevated by the music video, “Just Being Honest” is one you just gotta tap into.

Ciggy Blacc has been a member of the Brooklyn drill scene for some time now. Originally from Flatbush, this rapper has been working hard to make sure Brooklyn stays on the map when it comes to drill. His earliest release was the SoundCloud exclusive “Action”, which has an absolutely insane sample that compliments the rapper’s aggressive flows. Since then, the rapper has been extremely prolific. Releasing numerous singles cracking well over a million plays including “Suicide”, “Shake It” and “Bully”, the artist shows no signs of slowing down.

Even in just a few short years, the rapper has released four full length projects titled “Dark Days”, “Thug Days”, “The Chosen Ones”, and “Flows and Mood Swings”. The video for “Just Being Honest” is yet another success on his YouTube channel, which has amassed a total of 9 million plays across all his music videos. A real tour de force of drill, Ciggy Blacc is an artist you need to listen to if you have not already.

Ciggy Blacc Just Being Honest

Ciggy Blacc – Just Being Honest

More About The Song & Video

Absolutely stunning modern production is showcased on this track, with a fluttering singing sample being the centerpiece surrounded by classic drill bass glides, choppy high hats, and absolutely thunderous kick. Ciggy comes in and goes non stop throughout the entire record, each line delivered with a calculated intensity that drives you forward and keeps your heading nodding bar-to-bar. The rapper comes off with brutal lines such as “Quick draw on the reflex/aim for his jaw line we hit his V-neck” and “I’m the alpha looking for your pack”. Energy permeates the song from start to finish, making it a fine addition to his discography.

Shot by Mansafid, the video for “Just Being Honest” takes place in a deceptively simple set. A warehouse with white paneled lights changes from blue, to green, to pink as the rapper and his crew perform the track. The paneled mirrors too change colour as Ciggy walks in front of them, each time he wipes his face it goes to complete darkness with two glowing eyes. The effects in this visual make for a psychedelic experience, the whole thing well earning its 150,000 views. Though it most certainly deserves more.

Ciggy Blacc is on Instagram, where he frequently posts about his latest tracks, videos, and live performances. Check out “Just Being Honest” and prepare for a reminder why Brooklyn drill is some of the best out there.