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Bigg Sugg – Cinderella (Remix) ft. Britt Bandz

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Bigg Sugg Teams Up with Britt Bandz for the Cinderella Remix

Cleveland artist Bigg Sugg has released the remix for her track “Cinderella”, this time around bringing in Britt Bandz for a fiery second verse. An overwhelmingly knocking trap banger, this song is a complete flex for the two female artists on the beat. Absolutely something that you need to check out, as both artists are hitting new levels on this record.

Bigg Sugg has been slowly tearing up the Ohio scene for a few years now, first releasing her single “It’s the Check for Me” in October of 2020. A bouncy and infectious track, this was only the beginning for this artist who went on to release several more singles including “Hype Me Up” and “Bigg Dott”. This stream of releases culminated in February with the drop of her debut LP “S.U.G.A.R.”, an album full of unique and catchy deliveries with trapped out lyrics that’ll have you listening to the whole thing front to back. “Cinderella” was originally the third track on this record, and Sugg brings in Britt Bands on the remix to spice things up.

Britt Bandz is also a Cleveland native, proudly writing in her artist bio on Spotify that its “top 3 worst places to stay in the U.S.”. After a brief stint in college, Bands began to rap in 2016. Her first single “Lay It Down” dropped in 2018 and it’s been a steady stream of hot tracks since then. She compliments Bigg Sugg well on this track, the two together creating a devastating pair.

Bigg Sugg Cinderella

Bigg Sugg – Cinderella ft. Britt Bandz

Red Bottoms on my Feet

Production comes to us from Pheel Tha Fvcking Beat, who layers a spicy guitar loop with snappy high hats and a thick 808. The instrumental creates a perfect bed for the playfully badass bars spit by Bigg Sugg. Her delivery on this song rides the groove perfectly, creating a trap aesthetic that feels uniquely feminine and powerful. A good example of this flow is the memorable bar “They try to pick me out the lineup in designer heels”. Britt Bandz compliments the track well on her verse, with a faster and choppy flow that gives off badass energy from start to finish. Sugg returns for the final verse, bringing the song full circle and finishing things strong.

The visual element is a perfect compliment to these cold bars from the two ladies. Featuring a group of women cutting pills in the traphouse, the vibe is matched perfectly to the bars delivered by Bigg Sugg and Britt Bandz. Shots alternate between the two women performing in the front yard, to being at the table prepping product, to a group of puppies playing at the front door. The camera seems to shake with each bounce of the bass, and the video overall is a very fun watch.

Bigg Sugg and Britt Bandz are both on instagram, with well curated profiles featuring a mixture of photoshoots and candid shots. “Cinderella Remix” is out now and we recommend you definitely give this track a listen.