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JoeMari – Fly Away

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JoeMari Releases Emotional New Song “Fly Away”

Calafornian artist JoeMari has dropped their latest single “Fly Away”, an incredibly honest and catchy track that showcases the artist’s rapid-fire melodic flows as well as the depth of his humanity. A gorgeous showcase of this rapper’s vulnerable side, “Fly Away” is an awesome track you need to listen to.

JoeMari’s style has been getting him noticed on streaming platforms. On Spotify, he has several tracks that have well over a hundred-thousand listens including “Lifestyle (feat.LilJayy)”, “”, “Want it” and many more. “Fly Away” is the first release from JoeMari following up his latest LP “Flowers While I’m Here”. Released in February, this was the third full-length album from the artist following 2020’s “Love Me While I’m Still Existing” and 2019’s “Blacchearted”. Clearly he is a prolific artist who is hungry for success in the game, achieving so much already with even more waiting for him.

Leading up to this release, this talented artist has shown that he is incredibly versatile. From bangers to ballads, JoeMari keeps the hitters coming. It’s no surprise that this latest song is yet another excellent record he can add to his discography.

JoeMari Fly Away

JoeMari – Fly Away

Vulnerable and Catchy with Deep Feeling

This track had three separate producers bringing their unique styles to the table. JayMadeIt, JlhBeats1, anditsmxrph all came together on this instrumental. The beat features a gorgeous pitched vocal chop that fades seamlessly to a piano based section. JoeMari flows effortlessly over the song, delivering heartfelt bars that tap into a dark place. In particular, the hook is stylish and memorable but can catch you off guard with the line “I take one look in the mirror and see that I look like my father/ why else would I hate myself”. It could only be a real talent like JoeMari that can make something so painful into such a well crafted chorus.

Directed by SKIIIMOBB, the video for “Fly Away” transitions between several radically different locations, but it all seems to tie together by the feeling of escape they seem to evoke. JoeMari is seen in a Slingshot driving down California streets, on the balcony of a high-rise, and under a pier on the beach. In the second half of the video, the artist is seen caring for a small child in these locations before transitioning into a theme park in the final portion. The whole project captures the mood of this record very well and makes for a great visual accompaniment.

Check out JoeMari’s Instagram to keep up with his latest releases, you’ll definitely want to with the level of stuff he is putting out. “Fly Away” is available on all platforms, go check it out!