Da Crook – Scoreboard


The King of good visuals Da Crock has done it again, drops a music video for “Scoreboard”.

He posted the music video on his YouTube channel on 24.6.2021. and it will be a shame that this masterpiece doesn’t blow up.

The music video is a dope mix of the usual Toronto rapper’s style and a psychedelic effect that rocks with the younger generations. Da Crook know how to please his fans, so he added some icy lyrics to complement the sick beat.

Da Crook has always been lyrically on a high level, but he keeps surprising his fans with fresh, catchy lyrics that prove a point. He gives the impression that he has been rocking the rap scene forever.

He collaborated once again with Rayoh, and they are definitely a hit-maker combination.


His last track, “Do you Dirty”, has over 50,000 views on YouTube, and it is considered his best track so far. His aggressive and energetic vibe has definitely grabbed some attention from the rap public.

The “True Story” rapper has not been in the talks for a new album, but he is very consistent with his music this year.

He says that his main goal is for his music to have “substance”, it is no coincidence that Tupac and 50 Cent inspired him.

If he keeps grinding this hard all year, he is destined to be noticed worldwide.

Check out Da Crook’s new music video above on this page.

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Quotable lyrics:

“Every night I’m grinding, 

can’t fit no more in ’em floorboards

Every time we sliding we putting somethin’ on the scoreboard

Why these niggas talking like they want it, 

they don’t want war, haa! “